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Commerical Occupancy Types

Examples of Occupancies that require a fire plan.


Group A, Division 1
Motion picture theatres, Opera houses, Television studios admitting a viewing audience and Theatres including experimental theatres.

Group A, Division 2
Art galleries, Auditoria, Bowling alleys, Churches and similar places of worship, Clubs non-residential, Community halls, Courtrooms, Dance halls, Exhibition halls (other than classified in Group E Occupancies), Gymnasia, Lecture halls, Libraries, Licensed beverage establishments, Museums, Passenger stations and depots, Recreational piers, Restaurants, Undertaking premises and Schools and colleges non-residential.

Group A, Division 3
Arenas, Indoor swimming pools with or without spectator seating and Rinks.

Group A, Division 4
Amusement park structures (not elsewhere classified), Bleachers, Grandstands, Reviewing stands and Stadiums.


Group B, Division 1
Jails, Penitentiaries, Police stations with detention quarters, Prisons, Reformatories with detention quarters and Psychiatric hospitals with detention quarters.

Health Care

Group B, Division 2
Children’s custodial homes, Convalescent homes, Hospitals, Infirmaries, Nursing homes, Orphanages, Psychiatric hospitals without detention quarters, Reformatories without detention quarters and Sanatoria without detention quarters.


Group C
Apartments, Boarding houses, Clubs Residential, Colleges Residential, Convents, Dormitories, Hotels, Lodging houses, Monasteries, Motels and Schools Residential.


Group D
Banks, Barber and Hairdressing shops, Beauty offices, Laundries self service, Medical offices, Dry cleaning establishments self-service not using flammable or explosive solvents or cleaners, Offices, Police stations without detention quarters, Radio stations, Small tool and appliance rental and service establishments.


Group E
Department stores, Exhibition halls, Markets, Shops, Stores and Supermarkets.


Group F Division 1
Bulk plants for flammable liquids, Bulk storage warehouses for hazardous substances, Distilleries, Cereal Mills, Chemical manufacturing or processing plants, Dry cleaning plants, Feed mills, Flour mills, Grain elevators, Lacquer factories, Mattress factories, Paint Varnish and pyroxylin product factories, Rubber processing plants, Spray painting operations and Waste paper processing plants.

Medium Hazard

Group F Division 2
Aircraft hangers, Box factories, Candy plants, Cold storage plants, Electrical substations, Dry cleaning establishments not using flammable or explosive solvents or cleaners, Factories, Freight depots, Helicopter landing areas on roofs, Laboratories, Laundries except self-service, Mattress factories, Planning mills, Printing plants, Repair garages, Salesrooms, Workshops, Television studios not admitting a viewing audience, Warehouse, Wholesale rooms and Woodworking factories.

Low Hazard

Group F Division 3
Creameries, Factories, Laboratories, Power plants, Salesrooms, Sample display rooms, Workshops, Storage garages including open air parking garages, Storage rooms and Warehouses.