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Security Concerns

While there will be no data such as personal financial information stored in our database we recognize your need for privacy. To that end, eZfireplan© ensures that all data is accessed through the best available security technology.

The first line of defense used by eZfireplan© is the use of a Security Certificate to provide data encryption. Our Certificate is provided by VeriSign©, one of the oldest and most reputable security companies on the Internet. We utilize 128 bit (or strong) encryption the same as is used by the major banks. This provides our customers the highest level of protection available today.

Our second level of defense is at the system hardware level. We do not rely on others to host our Web site but have gone to the extra expense of installing servers and equipment to host our own site, thereby giving us absolute control over our network architecture and configuration. Our database server is isolated behind the Internet Web server by several layers of software and hardware protection. Finally we then isolate all servers behind one of the highest ranking firewalls available on the market today.

Finally, we simply do not store credit card information on our system. This data is used only once and only by VeriSign©'s clearing centre to complete your transaction.